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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” 
- Margaret Meade
Becoming an igniter WILL HELP YOU TO:
STOKED youth and their leadership development.
more about the problems facing young people and how you can create opportunities for them.
with like minded adults and feel more connected to a community.
first hand the impact you’re making virtually and in real life without having to give us so much time or money.
 Igniters are a community of individuals who donate directly to support a young person in STOKED on a regular ongoing basis.
Your monthly or yearly contribution goes toward supporting youth programs.
Being an Igniter is an opportunity to impact teenagers who have all the potential in the world to become fearless leaders in their lives.
Every month, we will work to show you the difference your donation is making in the lives of kids while supporting you in your philanthropic goals.
Igniters leverage their skills, relationships, and experience to change their own lives and those around them.
An Igniter supports youth, empowers fearless leaders, creates meaningful experiences, and impacts others. 
 Help us reach our goal of 600 igniters!
     Thanks to the following sponsors:
 Michael Lee
"The Data Scientist & Mentor "
"Using his passion for board sports to inspire others"
Michael continues to keep the stoke factor high on the slopes, streets and surf. He’s been involved in STOKED since 2015 and recently made the jump to becoming a 1-on-1 mentor this past fall. He and his mentee Jayson have painted New York red, checking out movies together, rock climbing, and exploring new foods. Michael even got to watch Jayson act in a play that Jayson helped create through the Possibility Project.

Michael currently works as a Data Scientist at Dstillery. In addition to mentoring during Skate, Snow and Surf Season, Michael is an avid traveler, photographer and foodie. He brings a worldly perspective with an easygoing, energetic sense of humor to students, helping them progress while also maintaining a relaxed and safe environment in which to learn.

Armie Mariano
Founder, Vitality Acupuncture
"They (the kids) have taught me to be fearless and courageous and they are the future." 
Armie has inspired a whole new crop of fearless young women at STOKED. Two years ago she was introduced to STOKED through our amazing coach, James Manges. Armie started as a Snow Mentor, and soon after became a Skate and Surf Mentor.

Armie is a professional healer, working as a licensed acupuncturist. In addition to skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing she is also a practitioner of Shaolin martial arts. She brings her calm and nurturing sensibilities to the STOKED circle, empowering young women, in particular, to find the inner strength they didn’t know they had. 

This year, Armie was named Mentor of the Year at our Brand Showcase to thunderous applause. A favorite of our STOKED students, Armie helps create a space where students feel safe, strong, and powerful.

Richard Davy
Creative Director at Huge
"All I did was introduce STOKED to my work...then suddenly hundreds of kids' lives are changed."
When STOKED was revamping it’s branding programming, Richard Davy brought the solution. He introduced STOKED to Design Thinking, a prestigious way of creating brands that solve problems which was developed by Stanford’s d.School. This innovative way of thinking gave students broader knowledge on the world around them and opened up possibilities for their futures.

Richard, along with the team at HUGE have impacted a few hundred kids per year. Huge continuously open their offices, their people and their resources to students in order to get a real life simulation of working in an advertising agency. 

As You Can See...
Igniters Have Already Helped Countless Youth In Their Communities...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
From: Steve Larosiliere, President & Founder of STOKED
Chicago, IL

Do you value thrill-seeking and passion driven activities?

Are you looking for a cause to believe in?

Do you care about the future of youth across the country?

Your support has the ability to change the life of a young person from a low income background.

By the time they reach 6th grade, kids from underserved communities experience 6000 hours less of education and enrichment programs than those of their middle class counterparts. It’s called the opportunity gap and at STOKED, we aim to close that gap. But we need your help. 

By leveraging your network and your resources, you can make a huge difference.

Join the hundreds of working professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers making change in their community.

Are you ready to change a life?

STOKED Igniters Have Already Impacted the Lives of Many…

The question is, are you ready to do the same?
STOKED is an award-winning and effective non profit that has been featured in the National Press
Featured on NBC Today Show
STOKED was a semifinalist in the 2017 Non Profit Excellence Awards. "Top 10 Best Run Non Profits in the NY Area"
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 
―Pablo Picasso
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